Drake's Brewing

Director of Marketing
Nov. 2017 – Present

Founded in 1989, Drake’s Brewing is one of the largest regional breweries in the San Francisco Bay Area, and maintains a top 100 position in the United States for annual production. The brewery and tap room, known as Drake’s Barrel House, is located in San Leandro, where nearly 100 unique brews are made each year. The company also operates two additional retail locations, Drake’s Dealership in Oakland, and Drake’s BARN in West Sacramento.

I currently lead a team in the Drake’s Brewing marketing department. We’re responsible for beer brand development, advertising, packaging, merchandise, sales POS, event promotion, and company-wide social media marketing. Drake’s is a fast paced company and our small team cranks out a lot of high quality work on short deadlines.

One noteworthy project during my tenure was the redesign of the Drake’s Brewing website in 2019. DrinkDrakes.com had not been updated in nearly 10 years. I worked with Ian Gordon and Shawn Scott of Gamut on a complete overhaul. Now Drake’s has a beautiful, engaging, and effective website, which embodies the spirit of the company, employees, and beer brands. 

Check out the portfolios below to see my creative work in design, photography, social media, or read a related journal post.


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